God, I don’t understand . . .

. . . unanswered prayer.
. . . unfulfilled promises.
. . . unpunished evil.

You’re not alone if you’re struggling! The psalmist, Asaph, (Psalms 50, 73-83) rejoiced at the glorious rise of Israel and the building of the magnificent Temple. But he also grieved as during the spiritual collapse and complete destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. His writing is filled with raw, honest anguish as he struggled with unanswered prayer, unfulfilled promises, and unpunished evil.

Here’s what others are saying about God, I Don’t Understand (Previously titled The Psalms of Asaph)

    This book is for everyone who’s ever questioned God’s goodness, love, or faithfulness.
    With his trademark wit and wisdom, James Watkins addresses the hard questions, validates our pain, and offers a shoulder to cry on. This book shines a light on the blackest spaces of our lives and finds the hope that hides in the dark.
    Renae Brumbaugh Green, author of Morning Coffee with James.

    God, I Don’t Understand is an amazing book that takes a fresh and intimate approach to the great “un’s” of life. Through testimonies and biblical references, Watkins shows how to live in the light of God’s love—despite tragedies, our lack of understanding, and resulting anger. They don’t have to destroy our relationship with him.
    DiAnn Mills, best-selling suspense novelist

Excerpt: Why? Why? Why?
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