The Twelve Sites of Christmas

I may not be your “true love,” but I do have some hope and ho! ho! ho! for you with cartoons and my favorite Christmas columns. Besides, you really don’t want livestock and leaping lords under your Christmas tree, do you?! I didn’t think so. Have a meaningful Christmas!

Site 1: Ho! Ho! Humor!

Christmas cartoons

A Christmas tree called “Shrek”

Top ten politically-correct Christmas—excuse me, holiday—songs

Top ten signs you’ve spent too much money on Christmas presents

Top ten things I do not want for Christmas

Site 2: Christmas shopping made easy

For young adults

The Why Files
This series of books on sex, death and the supernatural won two national book awards for its honest answers to 2,500 teenagers questions.

For adults

The Psalms of Asaph: Struggling with Unanswered Prayer, Unfulfilled Promises, and Unpunished Evil
The psalmist, Asaph, (Psalms 50, 73-83) watched the glorious rise Israel and the building of the magnificent Temple as well as the moral collapse and complete destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. His writing is filled with raw, honest anguish as he struggled with hese questions . . . and found answers.

The Imitation of Christ: Classic Devotions in Today’s Language
Ninety devotions from Thomas à Kempis best-selling books, organized by the characteristics of Christ.

Squeezing Good Out of Bad
Life is filled with lemons! So here are top ten ways to squeeze the good out of those life-puckering situations such as cancer, unemployment, family crises and chronic nose hair.

For writers and speakers

Plus, you’ll find Communicate to Change Lives, Writers on Writing and Writing with Banana Peels (for humor writers).

But wait, there’s more! Click for 20 books! And, no searching for a parking space at the mall! You’re welcome.

Site 3: The 365 Days of Christmas

Celebrating Christmas all year long

Putting the X back in Xmas

Site 4: Yes, Virginia, there really was a St. Nick

Top ten reasons Santa on naughty list

The man behind the beard

Site 5: Is that your feliz answer?

Angels don’t come from Hallmark

Happy Holidays, American Family Association There are at least six holidays during December!

Test your Christmas trivia skills

Site 6: The Christmas story

The Christmas story in chronological order

God is in control

Mary, did we know? (What was she thinking when the angel announced the outrageous proposition?)

The ten best—and worst—Christmas movies

A Very Twitter Christmas

Site 7: How Christmas saved a grinch

The shocking true story!

Site 8: Fruitcake for the soul

Christmas at Macy’s

Christmas at K-Mart

Site 9: Christmas smells like ****

Not like evergreens, fresh-baked cookies . . .

Site 10: Merry Christmas quotations

Happy holidays thoughts

(Okay, this photo has nothing to do with quotations, but dogs in Santa hats always bring happy thoughts.)

Site 11: Looking for “true love”?

No leaping lords can love you like this Lord

Site 12: Stocking stuffers

Hope in a hand basket

Lamb of God: a ewe-nique perspective on Christ’s birth

“There is no peace on earth, I said”

Wiseman and Wife: a comedy/drama for Christmas

Okay, okay, this page has expanded like Santa’s waistline, but “The 24 Sites of Christmas” would make an already painfully long song even longer! Have a wonderful year of Christmas!

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