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Find my daily cartoons of “Hope and Humor” (and occasionally, “Evil Jim’s” “Mope and Murmor”) on Facebook and Twitter.

From the archives
Christmas cartoons
A very Twitter Christmas
Easter cartoons
“Evil Jim” at the Oscars
Cartoons on love, marriage, sex
Cartoons on writing
Cartoons on Facebook
Predictions for the New Year

And for a collection of the best—and a few of the worst—check out I Have a Meme, my new collection on aging, food, government, health, holidays, the Internet, love, marriage, sex, mind fields, parenting, spirituality, weather and writing.

“Milk-out-the-nose funny”
Rhonda Rhea, author, humorist, speaker

“Brilliantly funny, smart”

“Funny, funny stuff”
Torry Martin, author and actor

Click to buy a copy for just $7.99!

XarisCom 20016
Paperback 108 pages


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