Publishing is brutal! I’m here to help.

Hi. Please call me Jim and I’d love to help through this bloody business of publishing. (We not only have “deadlines” and “kill fees,” but we also “kill off widows and orphans” as well as “bleed in the gutter.” Here’s a lexicon of literary lingo.)

Writers are hurting! I’ve met bruised, battered and bloodied writers as I have spoken at virtually every major writers conference across the United States and a few overseas.

After 40 years in the business from both sides of the author and editorial desks, I’ve experienced the high of national TV appearances to the low of negative royalty statements (bookstores sent more back than they sold). I also have clinical depression which seems to plague many writers. So I get you.

Personal support

I would love to help you in your personal struggles in this crazy business. Just email me at for an understanding and encouraging reply as well as prayer support.

And here’s the obligatory reasons why I can competently serve you:

I’m the author of 20 traditionally-published books with Harper-Collins, Tyndale House, Worthy Inspired, Zondervan and more. I’ve written over 3,000 articles (I quit counting after that) in Christianity Today, Focus on the Family, Decision, Leadership, TIME, USA Today and a bunch more national publications. I also wrote a humor column for 15 years in three small newspapers.

Plus, I’ve served as an editor with the American Bible Society as well as 15 years at Wesleyan Publishing House as acquisitions editor, editor and editorial director.

And I also taught writing for 15 years at Taylor University’s Professional Writing major, and am doing freelance work for Jerry Jenkin’s Writers’ Guild.

And I’m an ordained minister, so anything you tell me falls under “clergy privilege” which is strictly confidential. (Unless you’re planning to send a bomb to the publisher that just rejected you, then I’m obligated to report that. And, seriously, if you’re planning to harm yourself, I always have to report that. Call 988 rather than emailing me)

I’d love to be your advocate.

I know. You’re thinking But what’s the catch? Is there a charge? Will you sell my email to some Nigerian scammer? NopeI! I do have ISP charges,, computer and office costs—and I like to eat—so I do depend on supporters. Here’s the deal:

After we’ve shared back and forth, give whatever you think my help was worth: A drink at Starbucks? Two reams of paper? A book on writing? Or “other”? No pressure. No obligation. Just click below. (PayPal accepts major major credit cards.) Thanks!

Thanks for your support!

Professional services

And if you need professional writing and publishing advice, you’ll find my articles from The Christian Communicator on what to look for—and run from—in agents and self-publishers, my favorite writers’ conferences and the editorial services I offer. Just click Writers resources

​”Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well” (3 John 2).


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