Welcome to Agers Anonymous

Hi, I’m Jim. Welcome to Agers Anonymous.

This is my brand-new support group, and I am so glad you’ve joined us. With ten thousand of us turning sixty-five each day, there’s definitely a need for this group and these ten steps. (Yes, I know, most “anonymous” groups have twelve steps, but I can barely remember the three words the doctor has me remember during my annual checkup.)

So, I’ll be sharing ten characteristics that I believe are essential for being a satisfied, significant, and saintly senior.

We admitted we were powerless over aches and pains, weaknesses, memory issues, and all the other consequences of aging that had become unmanageable.

Made a decision to no longer live in the past, but to live fully in the present as we anticipate a brighter future.

Humbly turned our aging minds, bodies, and souls over to the care of God and now can fearlessly face each new day.

Continued to explore this amazing, miraculous world that God has created, knowing that our minds can stay young by learning new things.

Faith, hope, and love
Sought through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with others to improve our conscious contact with God.

Made a list of all persons we had harmed and those we have held grudges against, and became willing to make amends with anyone we called “an old fart.”

Were entirely ready to have God remove all our wrong attitudes toward aging and replace them with thanksgiving for his loving care over us.

Humbly asked God to remove our complaining and to replace with things for which we can experience His joy.

Made a willful, deliberate decision to turn negative thinking about aging into positive thoughts based on God’s love and promise for his “good, pleasing, and perfect will.”

Having had a spiritual awakening and experienced God’s power, we tried to live out these characteristics each day of our lives.

Copyright ء 2020 James N. Watkins

The points above are the sections of a brand-new humorous devotional book I’m writing on purposeful, fulfilling aging. If You’re Not Dead, You’re Not Done (tentative title) will be published by Tyndale House Fall 2021. (Just in time for Christmas giving!)

I’ll be launching agersanonymous.com and a Facebook page as we get closer to the publication date. But for now, thanks for your prayers that the writing will provide hope and humor for those of us of a certain age.


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  • September 18, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    This looks amazing! Looking forward to it!


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