Agreement with Family&Friends Micro-Publishing


Agreement between _______ (client) and James Watkins a sole proprietor doing business as Family&Friends Micro-Publishing (F&F). This will serve as a legal document. Any issues will be resolved by Christian arbitration and not courts.

1. Clients will pay $499 in advance with check or money order to James Watkins, 318 North Lenfesty Avenue, Marion, IN 46952. Check will not be cashed until client is satisfied with work and book is uploaded to Amazon/KDP.

2. Client will open an Amazon/KDP account and fill in all blanks. (There is no cost for the account.) Client will use (765) 618-3269 as phone number. (With two-step verification, F&F will need the number to upload your files. Once published, client can use own phone number.)

3. Client will provide manuscript formatted as specified at: For any questions about style, consult The Chicago Manual of Style online. (If client wishes to have F&F format manuscript, it will an additional charge at $60 per hour.)

4. Client’s work is protected by United States and international copyright law as soon as work is “fixed in a tangible medium” (computer hard drive, notebook, back of envelope, etc.) Copyright protection is free and in force until 70 years after the author’s death. If you wish to register the copyright, contact online the United States Library of Congress. Your copyright notice will be included on second page of book. Client will own cover and interior designs. F&F will have perpetual right to use image of cover in its promotion, but no other claims are made or implied.

5. Client affirms the work is the sole proprietor of the client and does not infringe on any existing copyrights. To the best of the client’s knowledge, the work contains nothing libelous or unlawful. (Libel is the intentional and malicious publication of false statements that damage someone’s reputation. If it is true, it is not libelous.) Client –and not F&F–is solely responsible for any claim, demand or recovery brought against the work.

5.a All quotations must be cited within the text. No endnotes or footnotes as they become issues with formatting. If an author’s copyright has expired, writers are free to quote as much as they wish, but source must be cited. Generally 100 words from a copyrighted work is fair usage. Any more, author must obtain written permission. Most Bible publishers are very generous with permission to quote verses, but check website for limits and the specific citation they require. No song lyrics can be quoted without written permission and generally a hefty fee. Client will provide F&F screen shots of all permission letters.

6. Client is encouraged to provide visions for the cover or send email attachment of styles of covers they like. The F&F will provide client with a custom cover. F&F will provide client with up to three samples from which to choose.

7. F&F will run an electronic edit for spelling and grammar. Client will be encouraged to send their very best version.

8. Amazon/KDP offers a free ISBN (International Standard Book Number). This number will identify the publisher as Amazon/KDP. If client wishes to secure own number which will list client as publisher, contact:

9. F&F will upload cover and manuscript to client’s Amazon/KDP. account Once the book is approved by Amazon/KDP, it will go “live” on its site within 72 hours. Once uploaded F&F is not financially responsible for any delays in publication.

9. Client sets the price of book. All payments for books sold on Amazon/KDP will be directly deposited to client’s bank account. The only cost to client is the $499 pre-publication fee. Clients can buy copies of book at discount from Amazon/KDP.

Please click REPLY and write your full name and date on reply. Then send it back to

F&F has attempted to create an agreement that is easy to understand while protecting both parties from any misunderstandings. If you have any questions, please email Thanks!



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