Submissions requirements

To expedite your book’s publication, please follow these instructions precisely:

Single space lines, one space between sentences. Use common fonts: Arial/Helvetica or Times New Romans/Georgia. End chapters by pressing CONTROL and ENTER to force a new page. (Do not add extra lines for page breaks)

The Chicago Manual of Style organizes books this way:

    • Endorsements (of prominent people)


    • Title page


    • Copyright page


    • Foreword (a prominent person’s praise for your book)


    • Introduction (not always necessary)


    • Text


    • Acknowldegements


    • Appendix (if needed)


    • Notes or glossary (if needed)


    Bibliography (if needed)

Send back cover and short bio with manuscript

Use the FORMAT > PARAGRAPH drop-down menu for paragraph indents. (Do not use TAB)

Paragrah set up

Follow this example for headline hierarchy

Main headline
Text begins indented

Sub-Subheadline Headline is bold and indented, followed by text (no space above)

For quotations more than five lines indent margins on right and left 0.5. Do not use quotation marks. One space above and below block quote.

Do not underline anything. Rather use italics for:
• emphasis. Do not use caps or bold
• foreign words
• book and magazine titles
• thoughts (no quotation marks)

Do not use automatic bullets or numbers. They appear with huge gaps in text. Instead, manually type in numbers by hand, use the wingdings font for bullets or other dingbats.

Include any black and white photos by inserting them in your Word document. They needed to be less than four and a half inches wide (432 pixels). There’s a great free photo editor at Be Funky that allows you to turn color to black and white (Go to COLOR and take the SATURATION down to 0. You can also crop, resize, increase contrast, etc.) Please be aware that photos on mat paper can appear dull.

Send in manuscript as one file in Microsoft Word as an attachment to

If you have any other questions, go to the online Chicago Manual of Style. (Just google your question and add “Chicago Manual of Style” in your search.)

Thanks for helping us put your manuscript in the best form!

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