Top ten signs Batman is turning 75


“Holy hemorrhoids, Batman!” The Caped Crusader has a birthday this week. So, I have in my gloved hand, direct from beneath my home office in Corn Borer, Indiana: Top ten signs Batman is turning 75:

10. Batcycle is replaced with Batwalker

9. “The Joker” now simply sends Batman emails posing as wealthy Nigerian widows

8. The “Dark Night” has to be in before dark

7. “Catwoman” has turned into “Crazy Cat Lady.”

6. Batman now wears an orthopedic utility belt

4. Batman has moved into the stately Wayne Assisted Living Center

3. “The Riddler” can’t remember answers to his own brainteasers

2. Bat signal has been replaced with energy-efficient LED light

1. The Batpole is no longer functional

Copyright © James N. Watkins

Please feel free to add your own signs that Batman is turning 75 below.

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One thought on “Top ten signs Batman is turning 75

  • July 24, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Nice piece! After 75 years, all Batman is carrying in those little utility belt capsules are Ensure, Geritol, Ben Gay, and corn starch! Lots of corn starch!


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