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The apostle Paul calls followers of Jesus overcomers. That English word misses just how overcoming believers are. The Greek is hypernike: super victors. So here are some of my favorite posts on overcoming with super-victory. And check out one of my latest books on overcoming!

Are you listening to Goliath or God?
Feeling inadequate, ill-equipped, in the dark?
Finding still waters in the storm: The Book of Joe
Finely-aged believers
From bad to worse to . . . astonishing
God is never late—but he sure is slow
God is such a drama king
Holy hardships
I’m a giant killer! [Print and audio]
“I’m a mess. You’re a mess.” [Print and podcast]
I’m giving up fear for Lent
It’s Sunday . . . but Jesus is comin’
Keeping your dreams alive
“My God, why have you abandoned me?
My life as a human tether ball
Overcoming fear and worry
Over-the-top victors
“Pressed . . . but not crushed”
Soaring with eagles, walking with emus [Audio]
Turn your “shaft” into a mine
When dreams die
When you don’t “succeed”
You will have trouble

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