Twenty-five rejection-proof markets

With fewer and fewer publishers, producing fewer and fewer books, by fewer and fewer authors, books are extremely hard to break into. But here’s my list I’m sharing at the Maranatha Christian Writers Conference of 25 markets you may not have considered. These allow you to get your message out—without the pain and suffering of writing book proposals and receiving rejection slips:

1. Family and friends
2. Those away from home
3. Political leaders
4. Church leaders, pastors
5. Members of church
6. God

Local church
7. Sermons, talks
8. Direct mail
9. Grants
10. Bulletin material
11. Job descriptions, policies
12. History of church
13. Plays, seasonal programs
14. Curriculum
15. Annual reports

Local papers
16. Letters to the editor
17. Church news

Denominational publications
18. Letters to the editor
19. News releases

Your own publishing company
20. Email newsletters
21. Facebook ‘notes’
22. Website, blog
23. YouTube
24. E-books
25. Print books

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