Happy Father’s Day!

For the wonderful dads who are more than just fathers:

My ‘real job’
Nope, it’s not writing and speaking!

Top ten things my dad taught me
Number 5 will shock you! (Sorry, I’ve been seeing too many “click bait” ads.)

The Proverbs 32 man
Exclusive! New discovered text celebrates godly men

Happy Father’s Day!

And for parents in general

Cartoons on parenthood

Son of a saint!
When godly parents have not-so-godly children

“Spray paint” parenting
The secret is thin coats of moral and ethical lessons

Talking to your kids about s-e-x
Children will learn about sex—from us or the bus!

Talking to children about war, terrorism, school violence . . .
It’s a frightening time to be a child—and a parent

Happy Father’s Day, to Paul, who has given me six amazing grandkiddos!


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