Overcoming fear and worry

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War, politics, finances, health concerns, job loss. Is your blood pressure rising yet?

Troubling issues bombard our news outlets, social media feeds, and personal lives constantly. Although it seems natural to embrace fear, the Bible repeatedly commands us, “Fear not.” God speaks to us, “Do not worry.” But how is this even possible?

In Overcoming Fear & Worry, award-winning author, and recovering worrier, James Watkins explores the practical biblical, and behavioral principles for successfully living without worry. With his seasoned experience and signature humor, Watkins shows us that God wants us to draw on His love, peace, and power to break the worry habit.

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Official sound track (Here are some great songs on overcoming fear and worry.)
Blessings Laura Story
Faith Kutless
I Will Fear No More Building 429
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  • July 4, 2021 at 8:06 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your book Overcoming Fear and Worry.
    I could not find the anti-worry songs you mentioned on page 110 on the website listed. Can you please send the link via my email? Thanks and have a great day.


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