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As I’ve spoken at hundreds of writers’ conferences, I’ve met so many people who are writing a book for family and friends and spending $5,000 and up for publication. Family&Friends Micro Publishing can provide you with a book for just one-tenth of that cost!


If you’re wanting your book to succeed in the commercial market, you do need professional editing, cover and interior design and your own ISBN. And to do it right, it’s going to cost $5,000 and up to have a book that competes with traditional publishers.


If you don’t have a large social media following, well-trafficked website, large email list and busy speaking schedule (“platform”), you’ll sell very few books. (Publishers Weekly notes 79% of all books sell less than 100 copies.) If you paid $5,000 or more, one hundred sales comes out to $50 per book to break even. Ouch!

Good news

If you want a book for only family and friends such as your memoir or words of wisdom for your children and grandchildren, a book for your church or organization for a special anniversary, sermons from a series, fundraiser or any other limited market, Family&Friends Book Publishing may be right for you. A 100-page book will cost $5. Sell it for $14.99 and make $10 each sale! And books are only produced as needed with no minimum, so no books filling up your guest room.


As I wrote, I’ve been in publishing for 40 years (I started at five). I have 20 traditionally-published books with Tyndale (4), Zondervan, Worthy Inspired and Harper Collins.  I’ve had over 3,000 articles published. I’ve worked with a denominational house (15 years) and American Bible Society. And, I have earned industry awards: four from Evangelical Press Association for editing and one for design. I also taught writing for 15 years and one class in design at Taylor University. Plus, I have no outstanding warrants for scamming clients during 20 years of freelance work!

We’ll create a custom cover, run an electronic spell and grammar check, create a simple interior design, and provide an ISBN through KDP, Amazon’s book publishing program.

And here’s the best part—we’ll do that for just $499.

We’ll do all the pre-print work and set up your own KDP (Amazon) account. Amazon will set up your book page and take care of all sales and shipping. You can buy books at cost and set your prices up to two and a half times your cost. (I’d suggest not more than $15.99 which will recoup costs with just 34 books.) And then, you just cash the checks from sales!

And if you find any errors in the text, we can quickly correct those for you.

Our goal is to have your book online in just two weeks. As more people find out about us, it may be a bit longer, but that’s our goal.

Meanwhile, here are covers from previous projects:

Book covers from Family and Friends Publishers

Here’s how to get published

Read the Agreement page to learn exactly what we offer and instructions about the process. (It’s written in English, so no legalese!) If you’re ready to publish email and I’ll send your agreement.

Email your manuscript in Word format to following our submissions requirements

We publish books for the Christian and general market, so we don’t accept manuscripts contrary to Christian orthodoxy or with unnecessary profanity or explicit sex scenes.

Describe your ideas for your cover, send links of book covers you like or send a high-definition photo for cover at least 4,000 pixels tall in .jpg or .png format

Pay with a check or money order for $499 USD to James Watkins, 318 North Lenfesty Avenue, Marion, IN 46952. Work will not begin until payment is made, but I will not cash your check until work is satisfactorily completed.

Feel free to email me with any questions. Sorry, no phone calls.

And of course your satisfaction is guaranteed. So, let’s get started!


Author and speaker

4 thoughts on “Publish for just $4.99 per copy

  • March 22, 2024 at 10:22 am

    Jim was a joy to work with as he helped me make. dream come true through Friends and Family Micro-Publishing. He designed a beautiful cover, meaningful for the content of my book, and was encouraging and prayerful throughout the book’s production process. Now I am enjoying the promotion and speaking about “Dance While the Music Still Plays–Hope & Help When Your Child is Incurable,” and experiencing feedback that makes me cry on how God is using it! Thank you, Jim!’
    Deb Wuethrich

  • April 9, 2024 at 2:01 pm

    Dear Jim, Does an individual have to be a Christian to publish with you? Do you accept manuscripts from non-believers, as long as they are clean and “family friendly”?
    Thanks, Jen

    • April 9, 2024 at 3:45 pm

      Thanks for your question. We publish books for the Christian and general market, so we don’t accept manuscripts contrary to Christian orthodoxy or with unnecessary profanity or explicit sex scenes.


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