Happy 70th birthday to me!

James Watkins Birthday Video
Yikes! I can’t believe I’m turning 70—although, I prefer to think of it as 30 plus 40 years of experience. I’ve survived the Cold War, polio, race riots, a presidential assassination, 9/11 and trying to jump off the garage roof with an umbrella.

I’m grateful to have arrived at “four-score and ten” with my body and mind basically intact—only by the grace of God. So, here are some links you may enjoy if you too are in the third act.

“Write Your Story” video captures 70 years of hope and humor accompanied by the music of Francesca Battistelli. “Unusual” pretty well sums up my life! (I probably should have left out slide 70, which could be used against me at a sanity hearing.)

If You’re Not Dead You’re Not Done! is a fun devotional that came out last year about living AARP-eligible with passion, purpose and pizazz! (Click for a free sample chapter.) And, of course, available wherever books are sold!

My standup comedy video audition for “America’s Got Talent” with excerpts from If You’re Not Dead You’re Not Done!. I actually got a call back, so should know if I’m going to Hollywood for the televised auditions by next month.

Top ten wishes for my 50th birthday written February 2002 for the newspaper column I was writing at the time. I think I’ve fulfilled my goals during the last 20 years—and hopefully for 50 more. (I want to reach 100 like my Aunt Millie, who was the inspiration for If You’re Not Dead You’re Not Done!.

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