Love, marriage, sex, etc.issue

Welcome to my annual salute to love, marriage and sex. If you’re single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, widowed or “it’s complicated,” there’s something for you! Enjoy.

Many of the posts below are from my books on love and sexuality, including The Why Files: When Can I Start Dating?. And check out my cartoons on love.

Jimmy Watkins on love (YouTube)
“There must be a higher love”
Lookin’ for love in all the right places
Men and women are different!

Children who marry their parents: the psychology of courtship
iNo hablo Estrogen! Becoming gender fluent
Top ten reasons I’m not divorcing my wife

Can I become a virgin again?
My gender-identity crisis
Cure for common cold: sex
The hidden habit: masturbation
Three secrets to XXX-ceptional sex (Two posts)
Why be bent out of shape by LGBTQ?

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2 thoughts on “Love, marriage, sex, etc.issue

  • February 15, 2021 at 6:19 pm

    Hi Jim, I participated in the zoom last Thursday through HACWN. Thanks for your openness about your depression. While I don’t face that issue often, it pops up occasionally when I think of my divorce…45 years ago. I was in a pastor but becoming single led me into new area of ministry as I found a need to develop various church-based programs for singles. Several became highly successful which let me to hold seminars nationwide on how to do singles ministry. Thomas Nelson published my book, How to Build an Exciting Singles Ministry. I’ve written a few more things for singles and you can view them at my website:
    But I’m really writing you about another matter. Back in 1991 when I was serving on staff of a Kansas City area church I had an idea to design a series of flags that make faith statements. These flags were designed to be flown at various holiday seasons. You can view them at my website: I’m writing because the site needs fixing and I don’t want to spend much to fix it. I was wondering if you could take a look at it and tell me what needs to be done and how much you would charge to fix it. It hasn’t been operational in a couple years so I haven’t sold many flags except for work of mouth and through my But instead of paying to have someone fix it, another option for me is to have someone buy my inventory (about 70 flags) and give them the rights to my designs. Still yet another option is to find some national company that deals in church supplies to buy my inventory and sell them online. If you have any interest in the flags yourself or any suggestions, I’m all ears.
    I’m still doing a little writing and have 25 chapters of a new book which I will probably self-publish but I have another book idea that I’ve done a fair amount of research on but haven’t had any luck finding a publisher for what could be a great coffee table book. More on that if you wish but I’m really hoping you can give me some guidance on my flags website and what I should do with my inventory. The flags are very beautiful and professionally made here in the good ole USA.
    Finally, that’s for all you advice and suggestions on the zoom meeting. I listed to it again to day and so glad Jeanette booked another writer for us to learn from and inspire us.
    Stay safe and keep sharing the faith!

  • February 15, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    Jim, I forgot one other thing. My website has a huge bibliography of books dealing with singles issues (love, dating, sex, marriage, etc). If you have books that deal with any of these issues, please send me review copies and I’ll be happy to post a review on my site at This is probably the world’s most complete bibliography of books dealing with singles issues.

    Thanks again for listening!


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