Hope—and humor—spring eternal!

Here are my favorite hopeful posts as we celebrate the arrival of spring!

Are you listening to Goliath or God?
Finding still water in the storm From the Book of Joe
God is never late, but he sure is slow
God is such a drama king
God has a plan for your life
Hope and humor cartoons
Hope for a balanced life
Hope in a hand basket
I’m a giant killer! [Text and audio]
I’m a Mess, You’re a Mess
I’m giving up fear for Lent
“It Is Well with My Soul” The rest of the stories
Keeping your dreams alive
Soaring with eagles, walking with emus [Audio]
“There is no peace on earth”
Turning your shaft into a mine
• When, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin” is not enough: It’s Sunday, but Jesus is coming! [Text and video]

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year. And, if you found these hopeful, please share this page on your social networks. Thanks!

Photo: Copyright © James N. Watkins


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